view through doors of the ateliers
atelier house from outside
garden view in autumn
cozy meetingroom view
atelier house from outside - other perspective
a seminar with peoples talking in atelier room

location : functions

our spacious city garden compound with three workspace pavillons can cater for diverse purposes related to creativity and culture, whether indoors and/ or outside, smaller or larger: workshops and seminars, vernissages, presentations, launches, celebrations, popup concepts, and photo or film productions. there is ample space in between to add further temporary setups if required, as well as another adjoining garden area.

centrally located is a new designer pavillon, with own terrace and views all around and across the canal. its two multipurpose ateliers of 24 and 40 m² have ceilings raising up to 5 meters, and can conveniently be opened into one large space of 69 m² (subject to availability); with the further possibility to use ca. 1200 m² of the adjoining exterior.

there is also the choice of an ample 42 m² parquet meeting-room with own entrance and a warm, comfortable feel. it comes with a fully equipped designer kitchen/ bar, and large windows opening to a spacious terrace and views to a scenic private garden of ca. 400 m², which can optionally be included. flexible furnishing and stooling is available to suit individual needs. we have full barrier-free access, and exceptional parking opportunities!