Stepping outside the Studios for a break, a think or to call it a day, you can sunbath by the canal providing the sunshine, fish for scrap metal, or hang out on the lovely art-déco Elsensteg pedestrian bridge to enjoy the view in the company of like-minded international students and friendly indigenous alcoholics.

café ‘Fishtank’ on the next corner by the supermarket is the closest of its kind, where you can observe the ins and outs of everybody who lives here coming to the watering hole. venture out futher in the direction of the main shopping street Karl-Marx-Strasse (currently in reconstruction chaos), or take a right turn or zigzag before, to discover entertainment mile Weserstrasse and more and most recent additions of café spots, concept cuisines, bars, falafels, middle eastern sweet shops and vegan whatevers.

if you fancy a play, you can walk across Elsensteg bridge and head right back to reach the crisp, newly rebuilt soccer spot just opposite the Studios. a short walk towards Kreuzberg lies the scenic, traditional Wildenbruchpark with plenty of dogs digging up the grass and students skipping lessons, among everyone else who is happily not working at this moment (if ever).

one ongoing local spectacle is the gigantic building site of the much debated and utterly counterproductive Autobahn 100-extension behind Hotel Estrel on Zigrastrasse, running parallel to the S train. it is the most expensive ever of its kind in germany, and you can marvel at taxpayers hard-earned money being burnt by the billions in front of your eyes. nevertheless, if you prefer some time travel instead, explore the historic village-style area of Rixdorf around Richardplatz und Böhmischer Platz, complete with a historic smithery and horse stables in the remise.  >>>Listings

cafés & bars

  • K-Fetisch, Wildenbruchstrasse 86 @ Weserstr. relaxed leftist café collective
  • du Beast café & bar, new locals in a relaxed environment, Innstr. 4
  • TiER cocktail bar, Weserstr. 42
  • Kindl Stuben, Sonnenallee 92 -nicely unpretentious and welcoming local pub with good food
  • Astra Stube alternative-style soccer pub with a strong St. Pauli-following, Weichselstr. 63
  • B-Lage, local kneipe with family atmosphere, Mareschstr. 1


  • Sahara Sudanese snack imbiss, Wildenbruchstrasse
  • Mae Chaoen, small, simple thai place with family atmosphere, Sonnenallee 134
  • Restaurant Begur Cuina Catalana, Weigandufer 36 @ Treptower Str.
  • Restaurant Barini NK, Böhmische Strasse 46
  • Restaurant ‘Industry Standard’, Sonnenallee 83 -mediterranean with open kitchen
  • Restaurant-Bar On Egin (catalan), Wildenbruchstr.88
  • Pizzeria ‘La Focacceria’, Fuldastr. 53
  • Restaurant Eins44, Elbestr. 28/29, 2. Hinterhof -upmarket concept cuisine hidden in backyard

music & dance

  • NK non-profit music and performing arts venue, Elsenstrasse 52
  • Sameheads concept mix of bar, club (with large cellar!) and boutique, Richardstrasse 10
  • Loophole, grassroots artspace and dance venue Boddinstr. 60
  • Griessmühle nightclub Sonnenallee behind Neukölln S train station, set up in a former wheatmill
  • Ke//er, alternative music venue and night club, Karl-Marx-Str.