The Visiting Creatives Studios are situated in the northern, most central part of the borough of Neukölln, not far from the large Treptower park and river Spree. Nord-Neukölln, traditionally a working class neighbourhood, has achieved a reputation to be the most happening part of Berlin in recent years. (other parts of this largest borough are more settled and quiet, and stretch as far as Schönefeld airport).

Over the last decades, and within an air of post-reunification neglect, Nord-Neukölln became the chosen home for diverse people from more than 120 nations, which turned it into a type of selfcontained melting pot with a rough edge, equipped with a wealth of cheap chique-shops, döner fastfoods, pubs, betting parlours, ‘Späti’ late nights, pitbulls and the largest benefits office in germany.

while education has never been our forte and our temper tends to be a bit short and leaning towards the ADHD end, we excel with fat cars, bravada and leisure time as plenty as kings and queens! in recent years though, a new wave of international hipster types, off-centereds, adventure lovers, Erasmus exchange students, arty farties and their entourage have shaken up the old beat a bit, when they caught traditionally reluctant Neukölln off guard and embraced it, busying themselves to swiftly set up concept bars, designer dens, crafts shops, vegan cafés, studio spaces, flatshares, music studios and tattoo parlours with irritating pro-activity. in the wake, also around 80 small, cutting edge fashion labels have set up shop here, a scene which is well worth exploring.

  • NK non-profit music and performing arts venue, Elsenstrasse 52 ‘’; and Noize Coworking ‘’
  • Mitosis Coworking, Weserstr. 165
  • Büro 2.0, non-profit collaborative IT workspace Weigandufer 45
  • Kindl contemporary arts space, situated in the former brewery ‘’